Saturday, October 1, 2011

It's All About Health right?

I am never going to drink coffee on an empty stomach before clinical. I was jittery the whole day! I was exhausted...and felt bloated from eating Denny's the night before. Denny's Grand Slam goodness (pancakes, hashbrowns, sunny side up eggs, sausages).... mmmm.

In clinical, we get to care for 3 patients next week! Slowly but surely... becoming a nurse.

1. Breast cancer awarenes- powerful

2. I woke up to a text yesterday morning who informed me Vancouver's Insite will remain open!!

3. I cried reading the story of a woman who lost a healthy baby

4.Burnaby public library has bedbugs outbreak

5. NY considers medicare for transgender surgeries- an interesting viewpoint on how the long term benefits outweigh the costs

6. Number of partners a faulty gauge for women-interesting article with an input from a feminist blog I read

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