Saturday, October 8, 2011

I'm Obsessed with Boots (Among Other Things)

Well I've been busy. I am pretty sure this term is the heaviest term yet. We got more info on our preceptorships for next year. I have my eye on the prize. It has something to do with my psychology degree. That would be my dream.

My cousin from Japan is visiting. I told her I would knit her a scarf. It's starting to get cold. She's leaving in a couple weeks. I don't know how I'm going to have time to knit this scarf. If I dedicated one day to doing it, I think it's possible.

I've also been doing some online window shopping. I am seriously obsessed with finding leather knee boots. I've been asking people where they've gotten theirs. Steve Madden. Aldo. Joneve. Another friend suggested Army & Navy.

Chinese Laundry Nostalgia

Steve Madden Brio- too bad reviews say these fall apart :( But this is the style I'm looking for.

1. They CANNOT be serious- Topeka Kansas decriminalizes domestic violence due to budget cuts.

2. The story behind the famous Steve Jobs memorial apple logo- may he rest in peace

3. Toronto's Centre for Mental Health and Addictions released a study that examines a gene that may be linked to suicide

4. Students in China being exploited for labour

5. wtf is with this crazy looking elevator that looks like it's from a Tim Burton movie? So trippy.

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