Saturday, October 29, 2011

I am Breathing

I'm sure glad I woke up at 9am only to have nothing done in the past 6 hrs.

This month feels like... hitting the ground running without breathing. Every time I want to take a breather, I look up and realize there's another paper or exam or presentation. I'm flat out exhausted. But now I finally get a teeny break, so here's a blog entry :P

I BOUGHT BOOTS. I hope they come as they're from eBay. I've been obsessed with getting flat knee boots for months. Although my bf said I'm always obsessed with boots every winter since he's known me. Snow boots, leather boots with heels, rain boots, suede boots...

It's a treat to myself :) I was totally sold when I saw Blake Lively wearing them.

Chinese Laundry Turbo boots

Here's my eye look for today. Neutral colours seem to be my only colours. Actually, my normal is just eyeliner.

Eyes: tan shimmer eyeshadow base, taupe shimmer eyeshadow in the outer corners and into the crease and under eyes, MAC blacktrack fluidline gel liner, L'Oreal voluminous carbon black mascara.

I finally bought the MAC 266 angled brush for my gel liner. I'm getting better at using it... but this brush isn't working out for me either! It's a lot better than the Sigma E65 angled brush but I still find the bristles aren't as firm as I'd like. I think my ideal brush doesn't exist.

And here's a handful of links.

1. Wow... medical student's laptop stolen with information on 450 patients

2. Fireman revives dog with CPR

3. Coroner calls for changes after newborn death in Regina

4. I wanna dress up in mod for Halloween and hand out candy. I love that decade. KandeeJohnson does a Mod Twiggy makeup look

5. Look at how gorgeous forloveofretail's hair extensions are.

6. Burnaby Hospice celebrates 25 years- I find it sad that people just died on their own without anyone :(

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  1. Amazng blog, I do love these pics and this post is so so interesting!