Sunday, September 4, 2011

Summer's here in Vancouver

Of course summer starts once I'm back in school. The weather has been glorious.

I went to the PNE on Friday after school. My back was killing me after walking around for 12 hrs. But I had so much fun. My most faaaavourite part was seeing the barn animals. Even more than food. I think I would be happy living on a farm.

1. Dog Fail

2. A STUNNING Miu Miu bag.

3. Arizona man survives after being impaled by gardening shears- reminiscent of Phineas Gage no?

4. A hospital wedding- made me tear up a bit. The hospital's so accommodating :)

5. Garance Doré talks about changing and having a balanced lifestyle

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  1. My husband and I took my little girl to PNE as promised. Our favourite is the Dog show. I read Laura's post about her new purse. So beautiful..but then she always did have a good eye for purses. Good luck with your studies!