Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Unemployed and 6 More Days of Freedom till School

I went into Sephora with intentions to buy primer for my eyes but when I saw that Urban Decay Primer Potion was $23 and the Too-Faced Shadow Insurance was $25, I walked out the door. I can't be spending that much on makeup anymore. Although sadly my Smashbox anti-shine will probably run out before the end of the year and that little thing costs $26. But I use it everyday so I will go out and buy it when it runs out. Blergh. Expensive. Perspective changes when there's no longer a paycheck every two week.

Oh and I want to bake cookies so I can eat them. I am having some mad chocolate cravings. Talking about food, my eating's been somewhat erratic. My norm is eating a lot of junk food. But I'm just getting the food conscience thing kicking me lately. So now it alternates between healthy and unhealthy. It can go from eating cut up nectarines and blueberries with my cheerios for breakfast to having a lemon cranberry scone and mocha coconut frappachino for lunch to eating a plate full of vegetables for dinner. I have a new found appreciation for cottage cheese. It's delicious. I am also trying to resist going for my bi-weekly junkfood run to the grocery store Oh right. I bought a twix bar the other day.

1. Do you think you're fat?-an interesting gallery of women of different sizes

2. Katemiddletonstyle-Another blog on Kate Middleton's style. I love the way she dresses.

3. An "interesting" Craigslist ad...wtf

4. Hell0kymmy shows how to tease your hair- I am going to do this tomorrow and try to get volume in my hair!

5. I found a new dress website called Modcloth! The dresses are uber cute and I love the white lace dress that Miss-Melissa is wearing.

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