Tuesday, August 23, 2011

School Has Begun

I have these (probably unrealistic) high hopes for school this term. My goals are as follows:

- passing (keep my eye on the prize)
- no whining
- keeping Saturdays school free to keep my sanity
- keeping ontop of things
- maintaining a healthy lifestyle

I was proud of myself because I packed a healthy lunch (ie- not just a granola bar!).

A bottle of water (not shown, but I die without water), cherries, carrot sticks, ham & cheese sandwich on whole grain, soy milk, and juice with no sugar added). 

Although apparently eating healthy increases my chocolate cravings ten-fold so I ate chocolate. 

1. Kate Moses' wedding pictures- are drop dead gorgeous. Looks like straight out of a fashion magazine. I quite like Kate Moss. She's Twiggy-esque to me.

2. Scoutingny- a blog by a film location scout in New York. One day, I will go here.

3. Stylestruck- a Vancouver fashion blog

4. Lonely Planet shows the beautiful Kōyō, Japan- an explosion of autumn. The pictures are stunning. I think this fall, if I get a day of sunshine, I will take pictures of the gorgeous fall colours.

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  1. ...chocolate cravings ten-fold so I ate chocolate LOL! I do the same thing. I eat healthy all day then splurge on desserts. I have a sweet tooth too. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I guess you can tell that I'm a fellow Flip?