Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Randomness

I bought this outfit while down in the states. Guess top and shorts were $35 each! I told my mom and she told me she got her (non-Guess) shorts on sale for $6. Hmph

I tried to eat healthy again. Strawberries and banana for breakfast. Snack of soy milk, carrot and peppers sticks, and a peach (starved after 20 min). Then potato salad, quinoa salad and cottage cheese... then ice cream... then coffee with some chocolate... Then more potato salad, sweet potato fries, and a couple hot dogs. I'm trying. hah.

I touched a shovel to clean my dog's business and wondered why the handle was soft and squishy... there were baby slugs on the handle! :( So gross. I cannot stand creepy crawly things like slugs and maggots.

I managed to get LUSH herbalism facewash down my nose. It's grainy and got caught in my nasal cavity. I could taste its fragrance in my mouth.

1. EatSleepWear- a fashion blog- she reminds me of Uma Thurman does she not?

2. A hot pink Balenciaga bag- How utterly cute is this??? Although in reality, if I have over $2000 to spend on a bag, I will go classic and get black.

3. Good Morning America anchorwoman wears green on green screen- oops.

4. Virgin Atlantic gives emotional health warning

5. Burnaby Firefighters provide support to NY brotherhood after 9/11- this article made me cry.

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  1. silly girl. you need protein and fat in your breakfast! no wonder you were starved!!!!!!