Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ooohh Kiehl's!

I was super excited because a Kiehl's opened up at Metrotown! I've been curious to try it out since tovogueorbust mentioned it in her daily beauty routine. I was thrilled when I received a card in the mail that told me I could receive a complimentary trio of their beauty products. I was all over that. I ooh'd and ahh'd over the store. But the prices were pretty steep with the Midnight Recovery Concentrate at $48(for 30ml!! That's 2 tbsp!) or face washes at $25+. Is it worth it?

1. periodic table of meat- eww

2. Faboulista writes a good article on how we can't be all models

3. Buynowbloglater shows off her new HD brows- I've never heard of this before. It reminds me of how I style my eyebrows. Except hardcore maintenance of the eyebrows.

4. haha a glimpse into a New York grocery store during the hurricane.

5. Do you know what a javelina is? So cute right? haha reminds me of Pumba.

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