Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I'm... cold

This summer consists of me being cold... a lot. Right now I have cold hands. I'm wearing a cardigan. Vancouver's having such a mild summer this year. Although most of the time I'm wearing more layers than most people.

A blank canvas before drawing is a lot more appealing than a blank Word document before writing a paper.

1. Children as young as five seeking eating disorder treatment- Guess what three sports they see typically in their patients?

2. Abeautifulmess makes a tribute to vintage biba- I looooove the styles and makeup of the 60's and 70's! Twiggy ♥

3. Bail denied to HIV positive teen accused of aggravated sexual assault

4. For some reason, this news article popped up on the side bar for me.. oldie but interesting read nonetheless... robbery fail- Man cuts hole in stomach during donut robbery

5. New youtube girl! Hell0Kymmy- She was on the show Love in the Wild which is strangely addicting to watch. I don't normally watch reality competition shows like this.

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