Thursday, August 18, 2011

Does it make me germaphobic if...

-I put ketchup on my fries, touch my burger, and realize I have people's germs from the ketchup bottle on my burger now
-I use hand sanitizer after using the windshield wiper at the gas station

1. Rest in Peace Rypien Fan Memorial Gallery

2. Orangutans play with ipad

3. Makeupandbeautyblog showcases Urban Decay Book of Shadows IV

4. Supreme Court Denies Assisted Suicide

My cat doesn't care that people may trip over her in the middle of the night

My adult pirate pak from White Spot! I got the veggie burger. Came with provolone cheese, portobello mushroom, and grilled veggies. Yum yum yum.

I put my vanilla ice cream on my plate with their famous blueberry pie. Yech whipped cream. I pushed that to the side after this picture. 

Look at the lovely colour of my new pink scrubs!

Our lone sunflower

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