Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What are pockets for?

"Honey, your pockets are for your hands. No don't put your hands down your pants. That's what pockets are for."
-overheard a mom talking to her toddler

Went on a picnic with my lady friends.

1. Motorcyclist dies on bike while protesting helmet laws.

2.Zeldaxlove64 shows how to get her incredibly voluminous hair- I watch videos of 17 year olds doing beauty tricks. I ain't no ageist. I still don't have the dexterity to do this wtf. Oh and check out her music covers. She has an amazing voice.

3. Don't leave your puppy in the car and don't leave your baby in the car.

4. I went to Steve Madden and they had a sale! BUT... they don't have my size in shoes :'( So sad. However, I tried on the Steve Madden Trigger pumps and I could WALK in them even though they were 9 1/2. I believe 4" is my height limit for shoes. I ended up not getting them because I could fit my finger between my heel and the shoe...I had to resist. I may be able to walk a few steps in the store but definitely not worth the money if they're too big. But... online shopping :D

5. Amazing... two headed python

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