Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Week Update

I saw my dog's body spasming. I'm thinking it must've been his leg because it was only on his lower back. I brought him his breakfast after he laid down. He did eat when I put the food right in front of him so he does have an appetite. I went to massage his leg and he initially flinched but warmed up to it. I'll keep an eye on it...

I drank coffee at 9pm and ended up at Denny's at 1am hungry as a hippo. I was overzealous about eating the peanut butter chocolate silk pie and forgot to take a proper picture.

I also had the Hawaiian pancakes which were awesome. They were Macadamia nut pancakes with coconut whipping cream and pineapples. As I poured syrup on my pancakes, I felt a twinge of guilt about how much sugar I was consuming in one sitting. I was also torn on the coconut whipping cream. I don't like whipping cream because to me, it equals butter. But I love coconut. So I ate a little bit.

Someone is willing to buy my Jessica Simpson wedges! Woot woot money.

1. Poor turtle's leg was cooked! So he was given a wheel for a leg

2. dearphotograph- A pretty cool blog on how the past meets the present

3. I like Kat Denning's makeup here. I will do it! And if it turns out well, post a picture.

4. I bought the this Nexxtech HDMI cordon sale from the Source for $20. We hooked it up to my bf's laptop and the quality is amazing!! Finally taking advantage of the HDMI port on my tv.

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