Friday, July 29, 2011

Vancouver Stroll Among Other Things

From now to next week, my blogging will be shotty. I accidentally agreed to work tomorrow forgetting I'm also working the long weekend. And then I have to somehow squeeze in time to study for my finals and write a 10 page (sweet only) 5 pg paper. Oh, and I was invited to go down to the states for the day. Soo... put my hand into a bag of miracles and pull everything together.

WE. Coffee shop

Got to see my best friend and finally got my hands on the Avon products I bought through her. Can't wait to try them. Bronzer and tinted moisturizer. 

My hunks of junk coat rack fell apart.

Went to IKEA and bought a new one! $40 TURBO rack. Hell lot sturdier than the crap one I had. 

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  1. I definitely need a coat rack, good to know that my old stand-by IKEA has good ones! Great pics of the city love!

    Alexandra xo