Thursday, July 28, 2011

Physicians Formula Happy Booster Blush review

I got my PF Happy Booster blush in Natural. It was $16. Apparently you get a $6 rebate from online. I printed it off and looks like I was supposed to get a rebate form from the package itself. I still sent in my receipt anyway so hopefully I get my $6 back. 

Come with a brush inside. But I haven't used it. I'm content with my own blush brush. 

Here it is compared with NARS orgasm (left). I initially thought the PF blush was small but it's actually bigger. NARS is 0.16oz and cost me $29 and PF is 0.24oz for $16. 

Can you see this? I don't know how people swatch on their arms because I had to load these swatches on my arm to make them show up. This is under natural light. PF Happy Booster natural on the left and NARS orgasm on the right. 

PF Happy Booster Natural (left); NARS Orgasm (right) under flash. 

So my verdict is that it's definitely a rosy pink blush. Lately, I've been using NARS Orgasm as my pink blush. However, in comparison, it's more of a peachy blush because of the gold undertones. The PF Happy Booster blush is pink pink. They also claim to have a sweet violet smell to make you happy. It's a cheap perfumy smell which I'm not too keen on but it's bearable. It's also fairly pigmented. I'm happy I bought it.
Cheeks: PF Happy Booster in Natural, MAC Refined Golden bronzer

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