Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Oops shopping & Tokyo Drift

I'm SUPER excited because I bought Tokyo Drift off Ebay and it's coming soon eee!! The above's my favourite scene. I'm such a loser. Embrace my Japanese side right? haha. I used to have the dvd and accidentally threw it out when I moved to a different room. Oop.

Uhhm... these clothes were on sale/super cheap! Is it more interesting if I posted pictures wearing them instead of hanging on hangers?

Jessica Simpson tops 30% off from The Bay

$8 from Stitches. I couldn't resist. I'm into striped t-shirts right now. I need to stop buying t-shirts.

20% off from Urban Behaviour

1. Calif man attempts to cut his hernia with butter knife- uhm...

2.George, the biggest dog in the world

3. Fake Apple Stores in China

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