Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Long Needed Shopping Spree

I spent 2 days doing fantasy online shopping where I spent nothing. Finally, I caved and went shopping. It was much needed as some of my clothes were starting to fall apart.

But first.

1. Indiana drops writing from school curriculum- wtf

2. I heard of Jade Bell on the news- he is a motivational speaker who got royally screwed over with drugs

3. Oldie but a goodie: Urban Ninja- this guy is amazing... like a ninja monkey.

4. US judge orders $4.6 million payout for circumcision accident.

5.9 year old gives birth to a boy- good lord...even more crazy is the fact she's not the youngest mother.

All right. Shopping goodies!

I didn't need this. But my mama got it for me! A pink Tommy Hilfiger bag $40. Purses. My weakness. And I finally have a pink bag! 

I can't believe all this was $39 (with tax). I'm  willing to spend $22 on the moisturizer but maybe I'll find another face wash as this one only lasts me 2 months. 

Hot pink cardigan! $20 from bluenotes

Skinny jeans ($40) and flared jeans ($30). Buy one get one 50% off at Bluenotes. It replaces 2 old jeans that are too tight for me now. 

Reef Sandals $25

Roxy wedges $25. I am THRILLED to find wedges like these. I've been looking everywhere for wedges that are similar to my old pair (below). It's a soft cork material (I think) that is absolutely comfortable and I can walk miles in them. 

Had these for 3 years and I feel like they're on its last legs. My bf got these for me when we last went to Seattle. I love them to bits and wear them all the time.

Oh look it's my dog. 

BF pointed out I got t-shirts again which I was trying to avoid. Whoops. 

Tommy Hilfiger $25 from my mama

Guess $14 from my mama again. So thankful she helps me out. 

Long tank tops from Bluenotes $10 each. Can't wait to wear these with skinny jeans. 

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