Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Kind of a Series of Unfortunate Events

I have an eye stye... on my other eye. geez. It's smaller this time and on the outside. I think it should be gone tomorrow. No makeup for me once again.

Even worse, I have a cut on my finger. My bf told me I'm overreacting due to the fact I never get cuts. I got it when I fell down because of my dog. It's not looking right to me. The first few days it kept opening up and draining whenever I bent my finger. It's on the crease of my finger under my knuckle and I'm fairly convinced it's cut through two layers of my skin. It's been a few days and it hasn't scabbed yet. I had a bandaid on it the first few days but it was looking mushy so I took it off. It's no longer leaking anything so it's getting better. I tried leaving it open to air and didn't bandage it when I took a shower. But I finally got my hands on polysporin (which I know I should've bought in the beginning) so I applied that and slapped on a good quality (not dollar store) bandaid.

Oh. And I just broke a nail while unplugging my laptop.

1. Why is Mila Kunis so awesome? Because she responds to a stranger's request.

2.If you have $36 million lying around, check out this Honolulu Mansion. Stunning.

3. Apply to be a miso soup stirrer.

4.VPD launched their Don't Be That Guy campaign to bring awareness of sexual assaults of females. My favourite is this third poster.

5. Good lord... 16 pound baby born in Texas

5.whatkatewore.com- a website dedicated to Kate Middleton's fashion

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