Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I Finally Mailed My Hair

I went to the post office today. It cost me $15!! Geez. The lady at the post office tried to fit the envelope through the measuring slot and it wouldn't fit. We opened it and tried a new envelope but my ponytail and bubblewrap made it too big. In the end, she had to charge me as a parcel as opposed to mail and it cost me twice as much. I felt kinda dumb holding $2 in change hoping that would cover mailing it. But on the plus, it'll take one business day to get there and I'll have one thing crossed off on my bucket list yay.

I watched a large maroon beetle scuttle across the sidewalk. Then my dog stepped on it and it died :(

1. A story of how a teen changed a Toronto hospital's donor policy to save his mom's life

2. I am in awe of how people can bike from Seattle to Portland- incredible. I am so proud of my friend.

3. High school pictures of celebrities

4. Japan creates gadget to charge cellphone over campfire- to help the tsunami victims

5. Fire Department rescues kitten with leaf blower

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