Thursday, July 7, 2011

Baking Soda is my Friend

Check out this behemoth of a beast. I think it's the 2nd biggest one I've seen in the house. The biggest one I've seen (the Queen I like to call it) was too big to catch with a cup. Hence why I use a mayo jar. Later on in the evening, I also caught a baby one. There must be a nest somewhere..

My head is itchy. Since I have gotten short hair, my dandruff is itchy. Wtf. It never used to be. Is it because I don't condition as often? I think it's time for baking soda. I seem to always revert to good ol' baking soda. Oily hair? Baking soda sprinkled in my hair. Stain? Baking soda blotted with a wet cloth. Dandruff? Baking soda and water paste. Burned pan? Soak with baking soda.

In other news, I saw a shooting star last night!

1. Dogs are crazy. Montreal dog travels to Kamloops

2. Oldie but a goodie. My favourite cross species. snake and hamster best friends

3. Dignity Therapy for terminally ill patients

4. Good lord. Have you ever considered cooking in a hotel room...with an iron and coffee maker?

5. Japanese student acquitted on charges related to baby death- Sad... I remember reading about this case and it hits close to home as we have students as well.

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