Friday, July 22, 2011

Always do a Right Shoulder Check

On Thursday, I was trying to do a right turn onto a busy street during rush hour. Finally there was an open stretch and I went to go. I slammed on the brakes when I realized THERE WAS PERSON IN FRONT OF MY CAR. He braced himself with his hands on my hood but luckily I didn't hit him. I rolled down my window and apologized profusely. He smiled at me and reassured me he was fine. Even gave me the thumbs up. He was so nice. I feel like utter crap about it. I prayed the whole way home giving thanks to God that nothing bad happened to that guy and to continue to watch over him.


In other, non-traumatic, news I was thinking of selling these Jessica Simpson wedges I bought.

I really like them. But I can't walk in them. The buckles are just for aesthetics. If I could tighten them by one notch, they would be easier on my feet. Sad. I only wore these a couple times.

1. I have my eyes on this ebay item: pink crinkle bow tank top- granted it won't look the same on me but I think it still looks super cute.

2. I like Fashioninfinland's eye makeup here- nice accent colour no?

3. Calgarian wins breast implants in contest

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