Sunday, June 5, 2011

Yeaaahhh Burrows!!!!

1. The Canucks fan who drove 1000 miles for a game- It's like The Hangover... Canucks version.

2. To Vogue or Bust- A Vancouver fashion blogger. Very pretty. Reminds me of Megan Fox in a way.

3. I tried to do a Canucks look. Fail #2. Not enough pigmentation. I quickly tried to do this before work. Maybe I 'll skip the white and just use blue and green. Third time the charm?

4. Beauties in Bloom works with NARS Galapagos smokey browns. Beautiful.

5. AIDS 30 years later: Long-term survivors face challenge of aging with HIV. I like reading the account of the doctor who showed compassion at a time when dealing with an unknown condition.

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