Monday, June 13, 2011

What Makes Me Happy?

I bought tapioca pudding yay.

1. I am sad because I went to Walmart and they no longer supplied my clarifying shampoo. Maybe Zellers will help me find a new one (my friend suggested Neutrogena Anti-Residue shampoo). My hair has become an oil helmet again. My brilliant friend suggested I condition my hair every second day. Additionally I'm thrilled because there is now TreSemme Dry Shampoo. So far it's helping absorb the oiliness!

2. The Beat Vancouver Police Department Documentary series- A very interesting documentary following VPD as they work in the downtown eastside... I find it intriguing seeing it from a police point of view. They have uploaded it to their youtube site VancouverPoliceTV

3. Aaahhh check out thebankruptvanity's shoe collection-mad jealous. You know what? I really should buy myself a pair of black platform pumps. They're classics right? If I'm so in love with them after all these years, I should buy them. Or wait till I become a nurse and save up for Louboutin? Hahaha...

4. University of Alberta Dean stole speech: med students- They weren't able to get his side of the story but ironic considering how every class I've been to, we get the same speech about plagiarism.

5. $3 million mansion in Hawaii- there's a video tour involved. I think for 3 million you should have an infinity pool hah. They even have a panic room! Oh, and I liked the 3rd picture because they show the same plant that I gave my mom for mother's day.

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