Friday, June 10, 2011

What Does Homely Mean?

me: Aww you look so homely.
friend:...Do you know what homely means?
me: Like Betty Crocker!
friend: So I think you mean homey.
me: Doesn't homey mean .. you know, Homie G?
Friend: hahah no, I think you mean homey. Homely means below average... boring!
me:What really?? Well I mean you're homey! Geez.

1. *drool drool drool* Check out all the beautiful shoes Lovezamiel posted. She likes to call them Vitamin s(hoes).

2. Ahh I've been meaning to post this. It is now illegal to harm a police dog! I thought this law was already in place.

3.Caramorello does a Megan Fox inspired look- She is a stunning Australian girl and has a cute personality.

4. Have you ever considered lash extensions? With my luck, they'll fall out while I'm rubbing my eyes.

5. The Canadian Institute for Health just released stats on hospitalized self-harm. When I took crim, we learned about this term called dark figure of crime which represented all the cases that have not been reported. On a parallel level, the stats reveal the people who have been hospitalized...but there are people out there that haven't received/reached out for help :(

6. Felldowntherabbithole- Dianna Agron's tumblr

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