Friday, June 24, 2011

There Must be Kittens

When I went to pick up my bf today, I noticed a girl looking into a cardboard box on the other side of the road. I bet there's KITTENS in there, I thought to myself. I made a mental note of the location. I excitedly told my boyfriend about it. On the way back, I said "Okay, I'm going to slow down by the corner and you have to look over and see if there's kittens okay??". So I slowed down, my boyfriend looked.....and he said "It's an empty cardboard box. What would possibly make you think there were kittens inside?"

In other news...

Today I cleaned my makeup brushes. Usually I use natural products and today I used this Dr. Bronner Lavender product I found in the bathroom. Usually when I rinse my brushes, the water turns into the colour of the products. My blush brush turns the water pinky peach. My bronzer brush equals browny water. Except with this product, my water turned black. WTF. I've concluded one of two things. It is causing the dye of my brushes to run OR it's reacting with the mineral products I use. It was fine with some of my brushes depending on the brand. Weird.

1. Disgusting show of conduct. Racism shown at Russian football game.

2. My friend has informed me that Old Navy is having a $2 tanktop sale today June 24. I will be at the mall at 10am to see if they might have my size.

3. This is the first youtube video that has made sense to me- how to style a bob. It helps so much when I attach a nozzle to my hairdryer and use a comb. However, my bf said my hair looks exactly the same as when I airdry it (which is obviously better in terms of effort).

4. I found twentyfourcarat's BC Ride to Conquer Cancer experience absolutely incredible. I probably wouldn't have even made it past Surrey.

5. Miss Elliot has Graves Disease

6. KandeeJohnson does a beautiful Mila Kunis look. I think I'll try out this look for an event I'm going to on Saturday. Looks easy enough to do I think. Eff my stupid eye stye. I've gone over a week and a half without makeup and contacts and it's still there. One day should be fine.

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