Thursday, June 30, 2011

Take Care of My Face Now

I went over to LUSH and got myself some goodies ♥. My Coal Face sample ran out and I've decided to get the full thing. That chunk will last me a good while as the sample lasted me a month. It has cleared up my face quite nicely. But I feel like it does dry out my face and I decided to try out some samples of moisturizer. I've decided I am old. I am only getting older and I need to take care of my face now in order for it to last longer. This means moisturizing when I feel my face is dry. The salesgirl recommended the above two so I'll try it out. Not sure if it's a good idea to alternate the two to figure out which works out for me.

1. My friend who is a surrogate mother shared this article on stupid questions for surrogate mothers. I find it really admirable she's doing this.

2. The lovely Paris Hilton was on Craig Ferguson- I like her shoes! And Craig Ferguson is hilarious. Can never tell when he's being serious. He met Christian Louboutin!!

3. Kandee Johnson shows how to make eyes look bigger- I did this today. But my bf said my eyes look the same as when I do my makeup any day which is basically my everyday look so I guess he's right.

4. Couple kidnaps girl and infects her with HIV- wtf.. I don't know what else to say to that.

5. Have you heard of Geordie Shore? Can we say awesome?? hahaha. You can watch some of the episodes on the MTV UK website.

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