Wednesday, June 1, 2011

So Embarassed

Curses. I got a pair of free trial contact lenses from my eye doctor. I didn't wear them right way because of my eye stye. Well, I've managed to lose the Left contact lens. What I remember is:

- I refused the plastic bag (foreshadowing) and put the small packages in my purse
- I took them out to show my boyfriend
- We went to A&W
- I double checked to make sure they were in my purse
- My boyfriend pointed out my purse was unzipped

And somewhere thereafter (or maybe before), one of them fell out of my purse:( I'm hoping it will miraculously show up but I think I'm going to have to make the phone call where I admit to being an idiot and ask for another pair.

1. Bestthingsinbeauty did a review on the NARS portrait of paradise blush bronzer trio and she made an interesting observation that the Orgasm blush portion is actually pinkier than the original. This makes me not want it anymore because I liked how the Orgasm blush had a peachy undertone to it. So I think I will just get the blush.

2. For shame. Florida mother cheers daughter on in fight

3. Good lawd... Real Housewives of Vancouver coming soon. I'm thinking West Van? Downtown can work too.

4. This Wong Fu Productions engagement video made me tear up. Why do I watch corny things like this? I love wedding stuff. Wedding makeup, wedding dresses (Say Yes to the Dress!), wedding engagements, etc. despite absolutely no interest in getting married myself. Maybe I subconsciously do want to get married. Hmm.

5. Xteeener shows how to do a smokey eyes makeup look

6. Aww I always miss this when I go to Hawaii. Honolulu is having their annual Lantern Floating Ceremony

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  1. Oh my goodness, Real Housewifes of Vancouver?? I'll probably watch an episode or two for the scenery.

    I really life wedding stuff too!!! I dream about my wedding all the time. LOL