Friday, June 3, 2011

Rowenta 2 in 1 Ceramic Ionic Curling Iron Review

I've been wanting to review the Rowenta 2 in 1 Ceramic Ionic Curling Iron for a long time because when I first got it, I barely found reviews on it. I won this flat/curling iron through (which I don't think has any current giveaways unfortunately). I was thrilled because I thought it would be perfect for travelling. I seriously pack both my curling iron and flat iron when I go on vacation. But there's both pros and cons to this flat/curling iron.

The Product

- it is ceramic & ionic
- I like having a larger curling iron (1 1/4")
- Easy to switch between flat and curling iron
- swivel cord so your cord doesn't get tangled when curling your hair

A switch on the other side lets you close/open between curling iron and flat iron.

- It claims to go up to 400F but I hate how there's no number gauge to determine how hot the different settings are
- It honestly bothers me that when I turn on the ionic function, a buzzing electricity sound is emitted
- The worst: My hair gets caught in the cool tips at the top of the tool when I straighten my hair! Individual strands get snapped and pulled out! I've figured out I have to keep my hair within the middle of the hair tool but then I somehow get my hair caught within the curling clamp.

The Results

Straightened: Makes my hair nice and shiny (although unfortunately my horrible camera doesn't catch it). However, on the downside, it doesn't make my hair as straight as my Avanti or Solia flat irons.

Before (left); After (right). As you can see, my hair's naturally very straight to begin with so I use a straightener once in awhile to tame my hair.

Curled: It takes too long. With my Cricket curling iron, I curl my hair for 10 secs and get perfect ringlets. But with Rowenta, I hold for 20 secs and get a very weak curl. I hate the thought of keeping my hair in a hot tool for any longer.

There is a nice shine to the curl though. Sorry about the other blurry photo but you can see the general shape.


I've come to the conclusion this is like 2 in 1 shampoo. It gets the job done but you're better off using each individual product (in this case a flat iron and a curling iron).

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