Friday, June 3, 2011

Reading Isn't the Same

I have no attention span for reading anymore! When I was in elementary school, I was the chubby kid with glasses and braces holed up in my room reading book after book. I loved escaping into books from Babysitters Club to Goosebumps to fantasy. Now, I can barely read 2 pages without getting restless. I'd rather watch movies. I'd rather read short little articles online. I borrowed The English Patient by Michale Ondaatje from the library. Didn't finish it and that makes me sad. I love Ondaatje's style of writing and enjoyed In the Skin of a Lion. I would love to get back into reading.

1. Remember how I wanted the Physicians Formula Happy Booster bronzer and blush line? I'm thrilled to find out they have mail-in rebates which makes them more affordable! I originally was going to get this for my bronzer but when I saw it was $20, I figured spend a little extra and get MAC. So maybe I shall get this later in the summer.

2. Talking about Bronzer, Flare goes over the Do's and dont's of bronzer

3. NARS should change the name of the NARS Cap Ferrat Trio eye shadow to Canucks eyeshadow.

4. SoloLisa blogs about Vancouver fashion conference which discussed the Vancouver fashion industry from designer to consumer.

5. I found out through bathroomdancer that Blanche Macdonald is doing Canucks Face Off Makeovers. Proceeds go to Canuck Place Children's Hospice :)

6. Aaaaahhh so cute!!! A dog playing with a baby bear cub

7. So sad... A toddler named Holly dies due to a combination of chicken pox, pneumonia, and methadone.

8. The new UBC hospice is going to be built. Yay! Progress for palliative care!

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