Monday, June 20, 2011

My Eye Creeps Me Out

Went to the dr today and confirmed that I do indeed have an eye stye. She said it actually doesn't look too bad and I must've kept it at bay by using a hot compress once a day. She recommended I do it more often at 4-5x a day to allow it to open up. She said antibiotics weren't necessary because I had a blocked tear duct, not an infection.

Dog's cast is hopefully coming off tomorrow!!!!

1. An ER nurse's thoughts on instigator's apology

2. Dog and elephant become friends

3. Oh em gee are these Christian Louboutin mixed media platforms super cute? I think so. My bf however thinks they look tacky.

4. While I was at the dr's office, I read this excellent article in a fashion magazine about hair. It said a haircut is like commitment. You have a relationship for your hair and you try to find the one hairdresser who you can trust. It also said that hair does grow back... but if you go to get your haircut thinking "It'll be okay because my hair will go back" it won't be as positive of an experience. Very wise words. They also recommended watching Bruno Pittini on youtube who cuts long hair into a bob quite rapidly (starts at the 1:00 mark).

5. If you have $3.28 million lying around, check out this Hawaiian penthouse

6. Vancouver's citizen wall to be preserved- I call it Vancouver's wall of love

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