Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My Dog is back! Plus my hair & other things

There he is with a gigantic cone. His back left leg has a red bandage right up to his thigh! Currently, he's hopping around on 3 legs. The next 8 weeks feels like it's going to be a long road to recovery. We have to go to the vet once a week for 3 weeks for Cartrophen injections (slows his arthritis). He has antibiotics (Apo-Cephalex) and pain meds (NSAID). He gets supplements (Recovery) to help with his arthritis. He gets his bandage taken off after 2 weeks. He can start going for walks again around week 3. He has to avoid stairs for 2 months. He'll need physio (assisted range of motion) on his joint.

I would just like to say I hate arthritis. Makes me feel so helpless and frustrated knowing a body's fighting against itself.

It is very strange washing my hair. There is no ponytail to wring out the water. I don't know how much conditioner to use because I don't normally put conditioner this close to my roots. It takes about a minute to dry. I'm still trying to youtube ways to style my hair but there's very limited choices.

I tried sweeping my hair to the side. If I tilt my head far enough, I have longer hair. Haha... just joking..

1. A New Jersey judge has determined the shield law does not apply to message boards. Be careful what you post.

2. This is the video I used to figure out how to do side swept bangs. Geez, I wish I watched this when I had bangs.

3. Keiko Lynne shows a Bronze Goddess look.

4. RAEview shows a pretty Perriwinkle blue look.

5. My friend recommended a youtube makeup girl named bighairbiggerlashes. Lots of smokey eye looks!

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  1. You look beautiful with your new haircut! I love it! It's so flowy. And your dog looks super cute!