Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Let's do this!!

Well it's been a week since my dog had his surgery. He is on the mend. Incision is well approximated. He is going to the bathroom properly. He pounced on his toy the other day and I cringed at the thought of his leg snapping (not likely as it was his ligament that was fixed, not his bone). He is fine. We went to the vet today to get his catrophen shot. My dog charged towards a wiener dog because he was super duper excited to see a new dog. Poor thing (wiener dog) had its tail between its legs. My dog is like a small puppy trapped in a big dog's body. He enveloped that wiener dog in his cone.

And.. oh yes.

!!!!!!!!!!GO CANUCKS GO!!!!!!!!!!

1. Deer protects mother goose- I love cross species interaction

2. I was talking about blush with my best friend and how it can be a hit or miss with the application. The way I usually apply blush is either a)I tilt my chin down so my cheekbones are accentuated and apply it there or b) I suck in my cheeks and apply above the hollows. Gossmakeupartist shows an interesting method to apply blush to the cheekbones. I have yet to try out cream blush though...I've never tried it.

3.The Art of Teknique- Good lord these kids have more dance skills than I ever will. Super charming.

4. raises awareness of syphilis but I don't think was too pleased. Nice play on words.

5. Iamnymphette shows how to do a soft neutral cut crease- I am liking the cat eye and the blush/highlighter combo

6. I just watched a very good movie called Conviction starring Hilary Swank. I highly recommended it. It's based on a true story of a women who goes to law school to become a lawyer and prove her brother was wrongfully convicted. I find that absolutely incredible. The New York Times has an article which shares Betty Anne Waters' story.

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