Saturday, June 18, 2011

How To: Eyebrows

I've been asked by several people how I do my eyebrows. I've always recommended getting it threaded because that's how I got my shape. After that, I mantain my eyebrows through tweezing.

Good advice:
- your eyebrows are sisters, not twins
- know when to stop plucking
- leave your eyebrows for at least two weeks if you've over plucked.

Totally irrevelant, but my cat's in a box.

Tools I use: a straight edge (ruler, chopstick, etc), eyebrow brush, small scissors, tweezers, flat firm brush (I think mine's a MAC 212), eyeshadow to match eyebrows*
*I use a soft matte black because I have black eyebrows 

1. Asses the eyebrows to see what stray hairs fall outside your general shape
To make it easier, you can do the step 7 to create an outline for yourself.

2. Using a straight edge, put it against the side of your nose. 
a. I leave some hair outside of this line because my eyes are wide set. I like to think it balances out my face
b. Hold the straight edge at a 45 degree angle and there's where the arch should be
c. Hold straight edge and your eyebrow should line up with the corner of your eye. Pluck anything beyond

3. Brush eyebrows 
a. Brush up
b. Brush over

4. Trim hairs that stick up

5. Tweeze away. Pluck a few then stand back and assess. Brush eyebrows if necessary. 

6. Done plucking 

7. Swipe shadow on brush and using small strokes, fill in sparse areas

8. Finished :) 

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