Friday, June 17, 2011

How I screwed up my boyfriend's computer

Amidst my multi-tasking between facebook, twitter, blogging & watching the news last night, I noticed something had downloaded. Some m4u file. What's this? I wondered half distractedly and clicked it while watching the news. Windows media player opened up but nothing played. And then I realized wtf why did I click something I didn't download? I scanned it with Norton but nothing came up. I deleted it and thought maybe I did click something from somewhere. After the computer rebooted twice, I couldn't access windows and was brought to the system recovery screen. I proceeded to reformat my bf's computer out of panic that he might have a virus (much to his dismay). All his programs are now gone. It's as if he has a new computer! Now in retrospect, I should've tried system restore prior to the reformatting.

Anyway long story short I'm not using his laptop anymore. I need to get my own.

1. Vancouver post-riot cleanup- a beautiful photo album by Maurice Li of the volunteers who helped out the city. If you have facebook, you can check out the real face of Vancouver by Andy Fang photography. I wish this is what the world would see.

2.Eeeee Ellen had the 3 baby hiphop dancers from America's Got Talent on her show. They all remind me of mini Ushers haha

3. Captain Vancouver has decided to slowly identify the Vancouver rioters in his blog publicshamingeternus

4. Wtf kill joy- New law can make uploading lip syncing videos illegal

5. Aaahhh my friend brought up the idea of me maybe getting bangs. She mentioned Keri Hilson and I found a picture of her with a bob and bangs which can work for me. Me and bangs is love or hate. Currently I'm thinking no because if I get bangs, that means I have less hair. less hair = bad. Anyway, this is the most bizzare how to cut your own bangs tutorial I've seen.

6. An interesting article by galadarling regarding body pressure in the blogging world

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