Saturday, June 25, 2011

How I Got Screwed Over $100

I bought a laptop today (yay). But here is the thing.

He gave me the deal on the laptop because I got the warranty and optimizing service with the Kaspersky Pure antivirus (AV) program. I am mad about the optimizing plan. It was $150 for the service and the AV. He had told me that they would remove any unnecessary processes from the computer, update it, blahblahblah and they would install MSE, an AV on my computer. That way, when my family's AV expires, then we can all use the AV disc. But he didn't tell me that MSE was FREE off the internet. NOR did he tell me the company was having a promotion where I could get the Kaspersky AV for $50 with the purchase of a computer. I mentioned this to him but he didn't say anything so it made me think that maybe it wasn't happening in that store. I can do all that other computer crap by myself. Granted they saved me time, but I would rather waste time than lose $100. By the time I figured this out when I got home and called, they said they don't give refund on services.

Jesus I am pissed. I had a $100 gift card. So it's like I gave it to them.

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