Thursday, June 16, 2011


Heartbroken over the Stanley cup loss.

Heartbroken over the riots in our city. It has smeared Vancouver city

But as @BurrowsGirl tweeted:

I love my Canucks, win or lose. It's about the amazing season they've had. Manny can see. MayRay can walk. The Cup is NOT everything.

Some may disagree... but I'm so happy that Malhotra has his vision and Raymond wasn't paralyzed. I'm so disgusted with the rioters. It reminds me of what I saw earlier on the news about Greece. Except that Greece is bankrupt and the people rioting here are doing it for no rhyme or reason. Looting places like London drugs (pringles and umbrellas? really people?), Louis Vuitton, Coach, Chapters, etc. St. Paul's on code orange (mass casualty). What happened to our poor city?

1. Japan 3 months After the quake- Japan rarely makes the news now which makes it seem like everything is okay... but there's still so much work to do.

2. My friend who's becoming a nutritionist recommended these 3 recipe sites... the food looks amazing.

3. Dangers of Lash Extension-I cringed reading this story.

4. A lunar eclipse occurred last night

5. Use pantyliner to remove nailpolish- heh. I think once you get over the idea of using a (new) pantyliner, it's a good idea. Cotton, sturdy, durable, all you need is one. Kind of like using a tampon to soak up heavy bleeding (nosebleed, wisdom teeth bleeding).

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