Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Donating my Hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths

It's been a very very long time since I've had short hair...

So awkward

I went to my hairdresser and rambled a mile a minute determined to cut my ponytail. My anxiety was 10/10. My hairdresser was so sweet, calm, and collected. I put 100% of my trust in him. He assured me he's helped clients donate hair but made sure this is what I really wanted to do. He cut my ponytail as I held my breath. When he made the final cut and my ponytail was separated, I said "Oh my god.." to which he grinned and said "Oh my god". HAH. It looked fabulous but he spent another hour afterwards layering and styling my hair.

It is SO short. Shorter than I've ever had it. I brought this picture of Victoria Beckham but it ended up being shorter. I miss my long hair (A LOT) but I have no regrets because I know it's going to a good cause. I chose Pantene Beautiful Lengths because of their partnership with the Canadian Cancer Society as well as needing at a minimum 8 inches (which is what my shortest layers were). I think I'm just going to hold off mailing it for now till the Canada Post strike possibility is over. I will mail it with my sister's ponytails (turns out she was 2 that she was waiting to send).

Finally, I'm thrilled with my hairdresser (Kei at Metrotown Air Plus Hair Salon). I've finally found someone I can trust with my hair and keep going back to.

For those who were wondering, I'm wearing NARS Luster blush & MAC Refined Golden bronzer on my cheeks.

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