Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Back to Somewhat Normal

Yesterday I thought I was feeling better. I ate half a piece of bread and the abdominal cramps calmed down. Then I drank a fruit smoothie and part of it came back up. I spent probably 16 hrs total in bed. By the end of the night I had an excrutiating headache that felt like a huge pressure in my head. I had a small bowl of soft rice and went back to bed. I woke up at 2:30am drenched in sweat and my head in so much pain. Managed to go back to sleep with a tylenol and a peice of bread. Now I'm feeling better where I can be out of bed without feeling exhausted. I ate a banana and four perogies today so we'll see if that stays down.

In other news, my dog's bandage is off yippee!!! He's still limping though. We tried walking him the length of three houses but then he lies down. Baby steps.

Also while dying in bed, I flipped through Avon catalogs my best friend gave me. And of course, now that I'm better, I placed my order. I was good though and only bought 2 things! I got a peachy bronzer and tinted moisturizer.

1. 7 year old boy steal stepdad's car to see dad

2. Chasing the Riot- someone filmed the VPD and firefighters during the Vancouver 2011 Canucks Riot. Paired with a perfect song.

3.Herwaisechoice discusses Downsizing and the new philisophy she abides by stayed in my mind. I'm going to try this thing where I buy things that I will use a lot. Hence only buying 2 things from Avon! I've always wanted to try tinted moisturizer for the summer and I use bronzer everyday.

4.Mumps outbreak hits greater Vancouver

5. Sad. Galliano, the fashion designer blames drugs & alcohol for saying "I love Hitler". He's up for a hefty punishment if he gets charged.

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