Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Back to my usual blog postings

1. Gay haters go air bound to warn Disney World patrons about Gay day.

2. Jazziebabycakes show how to do a winged eye liner- how many of these posts can I find? Love eyeliner.

3. A Vancouver blogger, Girl & Closet, shows off a very pretty ruffles top with bow tie necklace. I can see myself wearing this.

4. Fox News Fail- mistakenly uses Tina Fey's picture in place of Sara Palin

5. Clean up after your garbage on Graville!. Wtf who leaves a bra behind?

6. I was flipping through a magazine at the salon and oh my god, look at Khloe Kardashian's shoe closet

7. Haha awesome. Tim Hortons changed the name of Boston Cream to Vancouver Cream

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