Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Skinny Fat

*side note*- could not log into my blog last night!

Skinny Fat defines me in a nutshell. Today is my first day attempt at being healthy!

1. Check out these pretty Make Up Forever Aqua Liners. You can get them from Sephora. Talking about Sephora, I want new blush! I wonder if a frosty pink colour would match my skin tone?

2. Amazing amazing amazing- Bell donates $10 million to an Ontario psychiatric hospital.

3. GOOD LORD. The Vancouver Downtown Eastside has found bed bugs with MRSA or VRE. Super bugs... literally.

4. The story behind the Green Men for Canucks

5. Our safe injection site will face the Supreme Court of Canada today- I asked my bf if we could sit in and watch but he reminded me the court is in Ontario.

6. Craiglist robbery in Richmond

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