Saturday, May 28, 2011

My Shoe Heaven is Steve Madden

When I was at the mall the other day, I walked into Steve Madden. *love love love* Usually my bf doesn't see the point of me entering a shoe store unless I'm actually going to buy something (hmph boys) but I was on my own. I got to try Caryssa (my favourite), Bevv (impossibly high for me), and Scandall. Aahhh I loved all of them. I could have bought up 2 pairs (Caryssa and Scandall) in an instant but 1)I don't have that money 2)my bf's right. I have zero tolerance for pain. I lust after platform heels but I'd rather be wearing running shoes. FYI, I'd take all those above shoes in black. Classic.

1. Look. Keiko Lynn Caryssa shoes I want

2. Oh oh oh. And I also tried on these Betsey Johnson Dita pumps when I was at the mall. I thought the corset at the back was cute. I also saw these lace Diskko glitter pumps online. Is the lace too much? I like it. Then I can pair it with my imaginary Valentino lace duffle bag.

Clearly I'm in dream land with all these material goods I'm drooling after.

3. Supreme Court has determined that unconscious/intoxicated women can't give consent to sex- wtf. I thought this was a given.

4. haha The KFC Double Down returns to Canada.

5. Good grief. Measles cases rise tenfold in England and Wales

6. My friend recommended me a NARS bronzer called Casino. I found a new beauty blog that I really like called Addicted to a Life of Material and she shows a swatch of the NARS Casino bronzer

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