Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Monday was a Bad Day

Monday I was in a horrible mood and thus did not post. On Monday, I experienced the following things (all bad things come in threes):

1) stepping in cat vomit and trekking it throughout the house 10 mins before I was supposed to leave for work.
2) something to do with my car that's going to cost me money
3) I have an eye stye. Obviously not as bad as the pictures. It's a little red bump currently but no makeup or contacts lens for me.

Still upset.

1. 16:9 May 21 Behind the Yellow Line showcases the RCMP CSI. I'm super duper excited to watch this because I took a forensic course and was really interested in doing this (except I needed a science degree but my psych degree was under the Arts umbrella).

2. I went to MAC but got intimidated and walked out. Too many people in there. But I want bronzer. Except I already had bronzer on when I went to the store so I couldn't check it out to see if it would suit me.

3. Stanley Cup final song- Lazy Song parody. GO CANUCKS GO :)

4. Justin Timberlake on Saturday Night Live was absolutely hilarious. Here's his monologue where he makes fun of his music. I would love to see him in concert.

5. Have you ever seen a Moonbow (an evening rainbow)? Stunning.

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