Saturday, May 7, 2011

Me 2- Alcohol 1

Went out with friends and got drinks. We went to Earl's and got a bellini. It was DELICIOUS. All I had in my stomach was frosted mini wheats from 6 hrs ago. In about 20 mins, the headache and buzz set in but once I got food in my belly, I was good. I think the key is 1)slushie drinks where I can't taste the bitter alcohol 2) food in my stomach. Well I knew #2 was important. There was one time we went out for celebration drinks and brunch. I didn't have any food in my stomach and I was lacking sleep. Worst nausea ever and everything ended in the toilet. What a waste. Every drink is like a gamble. And all it takes is one to make me nauseous.

1. Fail. This is so awkward..

2. Vienna Declaration- calls for a change in criminalizing drug use which is fueling the HIV epidemic

3. Denny's fined for firing a Filipino worker

4. A degree of homelessness- being homeless and a post-secondary student in Hawaii

5. Guys who like fat chicks- a rather interesting perspective and genuine love from what it sounds like.

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