Sunday, May 22, 2011

Is it haircut time?


Remember when I cut my hair around my birthday? It's grown back and is a few inches above my waist. So I've come up with 3 options.

1. Keep my hair as is and just make an effort to style it.
2. Cut my hair like Elisha Cuthbert. Here's her hair curled. I chose her as my prototype because she has a similar face shape and cleft chin to mine. Ahh.. but it's kind of too short. And I fear my hair will look horrible.
3. Chop off my ponytail and donate my hair.
4. Bangs.

Ideally, #1 hah. What to do what to do.

1. wtf is this creature on CNN for real?

2. Louboutin Very Prive?- hells to the yes.

Uhm... I'm watching the Break Up on TV and too distracted to finish this blog post.

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