Sunday, May 8, 2011

I Signed up to be a Stem Cell Donor!

Today I went to the mall and they were doing a stem cell drive through! All I had to do is swab my mouth in the four corners. I wasn't lucky enough like my friend who got a t-shirt!. Hmph. But I did get a mother's day card which I gave to my mom haha. There is a need for visible minorities and multi-ethnicities. It would be amazing if I was a match! As we were leaving, the volunteer told me it was her picture in the mother's day card and it was through the stem cell bank that she was given a second chance.

1. Embrance women's rights to dress however they want without the risk of a sexual assault. Slutwalk Vancouver is happening May 15.

2. Fenuabeaute does pink contacts. I think pink contacts are fun for picture taking... but I dunno if I'd go out in public with them.

3. MakeupbyTiffanyD does Mila Kunis inspired makeup

4. Twentyfourcarat- a Vancouver blogger

5. Pharma global guinea pigs... who are we using to test new drugs on? How ethical and evidence based are these clinical trials?

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  1. #2. if i wanted a hint of red/pink coloured eyes, i'd just smoke up....

    #5. i know there's a hospital in vancouver that has an animal testing facility. as to what they're actually testing on those animals, i'd rather not know.