Friday, May 27, 2011

Friends Trump Retail Therapy

I was sulking about a personal issue I had today and feeling quite rotten about it. So I ended up going to the mall to make myself feel better. This rarely happens as I never have money. Because I never have money, I'm obsessed with saving when I have it. I don't know if that makes me cheap. Anyhow, I digress. I did some shopping. I bought myself my first MAC bronzer. I justified that I was running out of my old bronzer (the middle portion of my Physicians Formula).

MAC Refined Golden on the left; Physicians Formula Sunset Strip bronzer on the right

I thought the MAC bronzer was too light for my skin tone but it actually gives a nice shimmery glow and I can build with it :) I felt slightly better after the purchase. Anyway, that's retail therapy for me. Buying one thing. But then I texted with some friends and actually ran into an old classmate of mine. By the end, I felt heaps better than what that bronzer provided for me (although I still do like it).

1. Keiko Lynn gives a brief but emotional story about body image. It's a familiar tune for me of my teenage years.

2. Promise Phan does a Kate Middleton look. I don't think it looks so much like Kate Middleton but I still think Promise is gorgeous and the makeup's really pretty.

3. Back to Keiko Lynn. I love her Adele inspired look. I think this girl is stunning as well.

4. Teen shoots dad with arrow after he takes away her cellphone- wtf

5. Will organ donation ever be the norm?-I thought it was the norm already but I guess it isn't... or maybe it depends on the country.

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