Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Don't Vomit in the Box

I went to my old university today. When I was there I saw a box for book donations. And on the side of the box, I see a sign like this...

hahahha wtf. Is that really necessary?

1. So I've been lusting after these black Steve Madden platform pumps since Christmas and my friend suggested I check out Aldo. I found these beautiful Averback platform pumps. Except now I see online that the Steve Madden pumps have gone down by $40! My bf keeps reminding me I can't walk in them so they are not a good investment and I don't have money. Waah...window shopping is all I can do.

2. Jennifer Stano showcases her Louboutin collection as well as her YSL's. I love the black peep toes! Mad Jealous.

3. Good Lord... Woman Attacks Man and takes off with his baby.

4. Conjoined twins born in China- two heads one body. I hope they will be okay...

5. Awesome. Sitting down is killing you.

6. Erm. Philippines have circumcision party to set World Record.

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