Thursday, May 26, 2011

BAM BAM! Two Intramuscular Injections

When I went to the Philippines last year, I got my Hep A vaccine. I was due for my booster shot so I went to the travel clinic. Turns out I was also due for my tetanus shot. But on the plus, I'm protected for 20 years from Hep A and 10 years for tentanus. Win. Oh and the nurse was amazing in terms of her injections. Barely felt one and the other was barely a prick. :)

In other news, my dad's so sweet. He bought me new slippers because I ruined my other ones by stepping in cat vomit.

1. Parents try to raise a gender neutral child.

2. Apparently guys hate it when girls can't make up their minds- hahah I am definitely one of these girls.

3. For those with kids... Go the F to sleep- a children's book

4. Native woman banned from club for wearing mocassins...which doesn't adhere to the dress code.

5.People who are blind can "see" with their tongue and ears- I found this article vastly fascinating. There is a guy who has no eyes who goes mountain biking!

6. My bf would like your vote for his Malasada suggestion

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