Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Who is Robert Hare?

Today I slunk into class late. I opened up my breakfast and the instructor asked,

"Does anybody know who is Robert Hare?"

I raised my hand while focusing on getting my food without realizing no one else had raised their hand. And so she asked me "Who is Robert Hare?" while at the same time I'm thinking ohmygod that name is familiar. Who is he?? I didn't think she was actually going to ask me. Luckily without skipping a beat, I gave a half-decent answer. He is the one who defined psychopaths and created the psychopathy scale to determine who was and wasn't a psychopath. Short and sweet. I didn't put my university where I got my psychology degree to shame. And now in retrospect, I should be able to identify who Robert Hare is because I've taken at least 4 psych classes and 2 crim classes which have covered his work. I miss psychology.

1. A story of how volcanoes confirmed a coffee girl she wants to be a teacher.

2. SO COOL. Stem cell transplant on BC dog

3. I want this. Someone to call my own.

4. Lipsticknation does a review Morroccan Oil Treatment (Original). I see this hair product everytime I pass by the hair salon and I'm so curious to try it out.

5. Bebexo is doing a Sigma Make Me Up brush kit giveaway. Ends May 2, 2011.


  1. #3 <-- you want someone to call your own too? don't you already, technically, have someone you call your own :p

  2. I saw I think 3 things in that video that isn't exactly by the book hahaha....

  3. Technically, I want a siamese fighting fish (since clown fishes are too expensive)! That's just the title of his blog entry lol