Saturday, April 30, 2011

Uhm... Why did I Drive Downtown??

My apologies for lack of posting the past 2 days. I was tuckered out from clinical.

I met up with my best friend and her bf for her birthday on Saturday. My bf convinced me to drive downtown because he thought it was better compared to the skytrain. There was a Canucks game. The traffic was brutal and good lord, there were SO many (much? I'm so FOB) people. Also, there was filming going on in the downtown east side! I wonder what it was.

1. Perdue signs fetus violence law in North Carolina- I wonder if this applies to mothers who try to commit suicide.

2. A new mental health ward in Lions Gate Hospital

3. MukMuk models another grey toque I made this week. It's too big for him.

4. It's hard to be known as the nice guy.

5. There we go. BC's minimum wage is finally up.

6. Wikileaks is stating Canadian universities have anti-Americanism

7. Mmm... I'm fashionably inept but these louboutin's are ugly. But they're $1375 if you want them!

8. I kinda want this Guess handbag in pink

9. Uhm.. wtf. 8 year old purchases a real gun from classmate.

10. Luxyhair shows how to voluminize your hair. I am never going to have volume in my hair. I don't have the dexterity to blowdry my hair like this!

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