Sunday, April 10, 2011

Pigeon Man

On Saturday, my boyfriend and I decided to walk around downtown. I told myself I deserved a break to pull my sanity back together. I saw a picture of myself from last week and good lord, I looked exhausted. So, I dressed up nice, curled my hair, threw on war paint makeup, wore contacts, and put on a pair of high heel Aldo knee boots. I no longer looked like a troll. *thumbs up*

I saw a pigeon man today. He was on Robson St. sitting in a wheelchair asking for money. He had at least 6 pigeons perched on his body and at least a dozen more at his feet. He was sharing his food with them. I would have given him some money if I didn't need the change for myself. I also wish I took a picture but I feel weird about taking pictures of strangers. So here is a drawing.

After three hours of walking around downtown, I wanted to weep. My feet were KILLING me. Good grief. How do girls wear high heels for hours on end? Walking like champions in my opinion.

1. 30zerozero challenge- A woman does a 30 day challenge where she creates ZERO waste.

2. If you were wondering, this is male restroom etiquette

3. TiffanyD taught me how to put on blush properly.

4. I love this LV bag with the Tiffany key bracelet/necklace.

5. A story without words

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